Poll: Being In Control is Good for Finances

Poll: Being In Control is Good for Finances

Even though many Americans have lost jobs, homes and retirement plans, they’re still remaining optimistic about their futures, according to a new poll from Lincoln Financial Group. The poll found that two-thirds of Americans say their lives are heading in the right direction. Those who feel they are in control are not necessarily referring to their income or employment status.

Of those polled 72 percent reported being “very” or “somewhat” optimistic about the future. “Americans who feel in control of their destinies share a common mindset – one that is focused on positive, constructive behaviors every day,” said Mark Konen, president of Insurance and Retirement Solutions for Lincoln Financial Group in a news release.  “Nonetheless, we were surprised to learn that Americans feel more in control of their health than their financial futures. Despite the best intentions with diet and exercise, nobody can predict accidents or illnesses, so it’s critical to plan one’s future with an eye on holistic health and financial well-being.”

According to the poll, the top five behaviors and traits of Americans who are in control of their lives are:

Valuing and cultivating their personal relationships

Volunteering in their communities and giving to charitable organizations

Taking quiet time to be alone and think

Exercising and spending time on a hobby

Adhering to a budget and saving for retirement

“While it’s not particularly surprising that ‘take charge’ Americans exercise and spend more time with their families and communities, we were surprised to learn that they also go to the movies more often than those not in control of their lives,” added Konen.  “In fact, the combination of traits that apply to ‘take charge’ Americans shows that these people strike just the right balance:  they value alone time, but also invest in their relationships with friends and family; they enjoy leisure time and taking long walks, but also make time to sit down with their paperwork and adhere to a budget.” And those who feel that they are in control are not completely focused on money. They typically put more weight into having enough money to do what they want to do rather than simply being wealthy. Those in control are more likely to spend within their budget and set aside money from each paycheck.

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